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Recuperatheques in activity
Recuperatheques in development

La Récupérathèque des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

ENSBA - Lyon

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  • Creation date: June 2015
  • Particularities : Cradle of the Recuperatheques, its name will become a greneric denominator. After being installed in the school's basement, the Recuperateque had to move in 2018 because the premises could not accommodate audience or inflammable materials. Today, it is located in a well-equipped room just above the former premises, on the first floor.
  • Web :
  • Contact :
  • Members : 100
  • Currency : Le Grain
  • Location: on the first floor, not far from the volume poles
  • Space: 40 m² with 3 meters under ceiling
  • Materials: very varied
  • Hours and days of operation: Monday to Friday from 12h to 14h
  • La Pioche

    HEAR - Strasbourg

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    • Creation date: October 2016
    • Particularities : La Pioche will soon offer a common tool for all its members! A basic tool will be freely accessible at any time in front of the premises, while a more specific tool (sander, grinder, ...) will be available for rent.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : 271
    • Currency : Pepite
    • Location: "orange corridor", -1
    • Space: 20 m² (215 sq. ft.)
    • Materials: wood, cleats, glass, plexi, fabric, paper, various objects
    • Opening hours and days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12-14h, Thursday 17-18h

    La Dent Creuse

    ISDAT - Toulouse

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    • Creation date : 2017
    • Particularities : Since the school did not have its own premises, the students decided to build a courtyard library. Unfortunately, the building had to be dismantled for safety reasons, and La Dent Creuse is being temporarily relocated in a container purchased by the school. As there is no stock of materials to manage, the association is currently concentrating on organizing workshops, courses, events and conferences. La Dent Creuse wishes to avoid the use of a local currency in order to be able to create an operation based on trust and self-management, while having a traceability of the flow of materials.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : Between 100 and 150
    • Currency : The exchange system operates on barter and trust between students. It works with a system of "+" and "-" depending on whether materials are deposited or removed. After a certain number of "-'s", a donation or volunteer work is required to balance the balance.
    • Location : in the Labbé courtyard
    • Space : A two-storey building made of reclaimed wood on two floors of about 50m² in total, built by the students.
    • Materials : wood, plexiglass, glass, metal bars, foam, PVC pipe, screws, all kinds of objects sometimes incongruous.
    • Hours and days of operation : no duty hours, but opening possible from Monday to Thursday on request

    La Boîte à Gants

    ERG - Bruxelles

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    • Creation date : September 2018
    • Particularities: The BàG is connected! Everything works with its website, the Glock accounts of the members are present and soon a catalog with all the materials in stock. Supported by ARES, the BàG was able to invest in a cargo bike to collect around the school.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : 450
    • Currency : The Glock
    • Location : Ixelles, plateau Art, 2nd floor
    • Space : 20m²
    • Materials : raw building materials
    • Hours and days of operation : Monday to Thursday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

    La Malle

    ENSCI - Paris

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    • Creation date : 2017
    • Particularities : The particular context of the school (the materials are free and the students - few in number - know each other very well), allows La Malle to operate without local currency. Based on the trust and participation of each student, it tends more and more towards self-management.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : The whole school (about 200 beneficiaries)
    • Currency : no payment system
    • Location : on the first floor, not far from the workshops
    • Space : 10 m² with 3.50 m under ceiling
    • Materials : Wood, metal, plastics, foams, textiles, hardware, tarpaulins, paper, vinyl, digital components...
    • Hours and days of operation : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just like the school.

    La Bonne Prise

    ENSAD - Paris

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    • Creation date : 2018
    • Particularities :
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : +/- 15
    • Currency : the Mouche
    • Location : the "store" is in two wooden shacks, the "stock" is in a garage in the basement
    • Space : 75 m² (in total)
    • Materials : wood (cp, solid, chipboard, battens, dowels, all sizes and qualities), fabrics, cardboard (wood, gray, normal, feather), paper, rigid and flexible foam, metals (steel, aluminum mainly), Plexiglas, bamboo, and others.
    • Opening hours and days : every day between 12:00 and 13:00 as much as possible (refer to the 'open' or 'closed' sign on the hut).


    ESADSE - Saint-Etienne
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    • Creation date : 2018
    • Particularities : Set up by the Student Office, l’Aubenne is both a Recuperation Center and a "store" for fine arts supplies. Born from a real lack of fine arts supplies in the city of Saint Etienne and from the observation of an obvious annual waste of materials that only required a place of exchange to continue to live. L'Aubenne is a local, a crossroads of material needs within the school. Its aim is to share finds, avoid the trash, save money and above all to exchange in all senses of the word. <3
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : 45
    • Currency : the Chute
    • Location : Le Bocal, located in the reception hall and main passage of the City of Design.
    • Space : 40m2
    • Materials : of everything!
    • Opening hours and days : Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

    Le Laboratoire de Merlin - zone sud

    EESAB - Rennes
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    • Creation date : 2019
    • Particularities : Merlin's laboratory is a magical place where all materials can be transformed. It was born out of a desire to reduce the number of dumpsters in the school, to allow students access to materials without ruining themselves and our planet too. The laboratory is a dynamic space in the health of the school which allows to meet during the permanence and to exchange druidic advices to pimper the materials. Plus Merlin is super cool.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : 65
    • Currency : Le Galet
    • Location : on the south parking lot of the school
    • Space : +- 30 m2
    • Materials : mainly wood, plexis, foam, etc.
    • Opening hours and days : Monday to Thursday from 13h to 14h

    Le Grenier

    EESAB - Brest
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    • Creation date : 2019
    • Particularities : The collection of the Ecole Européenne Supérieure d'Art de Bretagne - site of Brest, Le Grenier, is a space for the barter of materials/raw materials framed by a fictitious currency: the Guy. Created and reflected by a large working group, Le Grenier is led by a dozen students. It is a LowTech response to the problems of over-consumption and student precariousness.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : 45
    • Currency : le Guys
    • Location : Old paper storage room, in the 3rd year art room
    • Space : 8m2
    • Materials : of everything!
    • Opening hours and days : Monday to Thursday, from 13h to 14h

    La CAB

    ESA Saint Luc - Bruxelles
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    • Creation date : May 2019
    • Particularities : The CAB is a project born from the initiative of a master student who made it her final year project. A team of students then continued the project with the help of the student and now the CAB is well installed in the school.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : 205
    • Currency : LUX
    • Location : the room is located in the basement of the school, at -2, at the end of the corridor.
    • Space : 30.2 m² (30.2 sq. ft.)
    • Materials : paper, cardboard, model materials, fine arts and wood
    • Opening hours and days : Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 to 2 pm and Thursday from 12 to 1 pm

    La Fourmillière

    ULB (Solbosch) - Bruxelles
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    • Creation date : March 2020
    • Particularities : Impelled by Kiran Katara, professor of projects and means of expression, la fourmilière is the first Récupéthèque in a school of architecture.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : 85
    • Currency : The Myrmés
    • Location : Campus of ULB Solbosch - building U - 2nd floor, next to the archietcure workshops, in the former secretariat
    • Materials : Mainly materials for architectural models; cardboard, paper, Plexigalss, small trees, etc.
    • Hours and days of operation : every day from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. except Wednesdays


    ESA Saint Luc - Liège
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    • Creation date : september 2019
    • Particularities : Recycl'art is a recuperation library that tries to take into account all the sections of the school in order to make its decisions (name, logo, available products, etc). They have at heart to be a project that benefits all sections of ESA, as well as the Faculty of Architecture of ULG present on the same site.
    • Website :
    • Contact :
    • Members : 52
    • Currency: le Recoin
    • Location : on the site of ESA Saint-Luc Liège next to the B9
    • Space : +- 16m2 but it is in a phase of expansion
    • Materials : all : wood, steel, plastic, unusual items, fabrics, paint, model materials, cardboard, etc.
    • Opening hours and days : every day of the week from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

    Le Caddie

    TALM - Angers
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    • Creation date : March 2020
    • Particularities : Set up by students, the Caddie aims to bring new dynamics to our school. It is installed in a small room that is not easily accessible (even by a caddie). The materials available at the school, sold at cost price, do not invite much sharing and recovery. Like in many schools, these materials have a premature end of life in the dumpsters emptied at the end of each year. These are the main reasons for the creation of this place of exchange.
    • Website :
    • Contact : No mail yet, in progress...
    • Members : 15
    • Currency : la Rouille
    • Location : Located in the rue Bressigny near the design center, turn to 77, the windows are open!
    • Space : 15m2
    • Materials : of everything! Experimenting to identify the real material needs of the students.
    • Hours and days of operation : Monday to Friday, 12:00 to 2:00 pm